About Us

Which to know more about Goshen Montessori Schools?

Goshen Montessori Schools was established on the 13th of September 2010 on its temporary site. On the 21st of April 2012, it moved to its permanent site located along Arab Road, Kubwa. It’s a Montessori based school for the early years (18 months – 5years) where teaching and learning is individualistic. The Primary section begins from Grade 1 – Grade 6. The Secondary section kicks off from September, 2017. In terms of staffing, we boast of qualified staff with years of teaching experience. All our teachers attend regular training, workshops and seminars to enhance their productivity in their various discipline. The number of pupils per class is 25 with two teachers each. This makes for effective teaching, supervision and class control. There is a borehole in the school for constant water supply. We also have a personal transformer and a 20KVA generator set to ensure constant power supply. Our computer laboratory is well equipped and air- conditioned with 25 functional computer systems giving each child an opportunity to explore the world of technology.. Since inception, the school has maintained an unbroken record of excellence and we believe that beyond the sky is our limit.


To become the leading best practices school of choice.


SKILL & TENACITY: We do whatever it takes to make each student a proficient learner.
HIGH EXPECTATIONS: We are positive and optimistic about each child’s learning ability.
INTEGRITY: We believe good work comes from hard work and hard work pays off.
NO EXCUSES: We are detailed and attentive to the learning needs of each student.
KINDNESS: We understand our students and genuinely care about them.
We THINK here!


Our associates will be committed to excellence in the nurturing of each child and partner with parents to produce future leaders.


* Caring
* Creativity
* Continuous Learning
* Collaboration.